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Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018 Logo
Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018

What is BDU?

Big Data Universe Conference is the #1 Big Data HUB for data & IT professionals in Hungary. In the last two years we hosted almost 600 attendees from almost all European countries. Attendees include CEOs and CTO’s of both the world’s fastest growing startups and  largest companies, alongside leading investors and many data enthusiast.

Our aim with BDU is to provide the latest trends & insights to data lovers and IT professionals about Big Data management, analytic solutions along with valuable advice and implementable use case examples.

The one day’s agenda will feature presentations from industry luminaries and data experts and provides an outstanding  networking opportunity during and after the event.

Big Data Universe Conference 3.0 will focus on practical and technical innovations in the following topics:

Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018
Automated chat communication, learning bots
Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018
Expanded visualization in 3D
Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018
AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning
Self driven cars (AI motive)
Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018
Data visualisation
with BI platforms
Fintech & Blockchain
Exploring the explosive world of financial technology
Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018
Internet of Things & Internet of Everything


Keynote speaker

Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018

János Mátyás

CTO @ Banzai Cloud

Janos is an open source committer at Apache Software Foundation and contributor to several Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects. His primary interests are in scheduling, distributed systems and cloud native technologies. He has contributed to make Spark and Zeppelin running in Kubernetes, and been an active committer of the Kubicorn project. He was the CTO and Co-founder of SequenceIQ, a startup acquired by Hortonworks, where he started the Cloudbreak project to provision Hadoop clusters in the cloud. Currently, he is the CTO of Banzai Cloud where he is developing a microservice platform based on Kubernetes to deploy Spark, Zeppelin, Kafka and other big data tools, running the cloud native way by removing the YARN and Zookeeper dependencies and replacing it with CNCF native technologies like the Kubernetes scheduler, etcd, Prometheus and Istio. He is an active presenter at several large conferences as Hadoop Summit, Strata, DataWorks Summit and Apache Big Data conference, and the organizer of the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing meetup in Budapest.

``Kubernetes, and cloud native technologies are bringing a significant paradigm shift to infrastructure, big data deployments and applications, and these changes are fast and not incremental. We claim that the existing big data frameworks are all built on out-dated infrastructural components and the proposed changes are too little and too late. We're essentially making the pitch that Kubernetes solves these problems and implies a better separation of concerns between compute, SQL, streaming and the underlying infrastructure, let it be cloud, on-prem or hybrid. Kubernetes has become the de facto standard, as a ````runtime fabric```` purposely designed and built for the cloud and scale and does things the right way - it is an overall game changer and we hope that the big data landscape will benefit from it.

This talk is making the audience familiar with these changes, the drawbacks and benefits of each, and also drive through our journey of implementing a Heroku/Cloud Foundry like PaaS, Pipeline where we move these frameworks from monoliths to microservices.

János Mátyás

@ Banzai Cloud

Living the paradigm shift

Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018

Péter Szekeres

CEO @ Neticle

Peter is the Co-founder & CEO of Neticle (,, a text and media analysis startup. He is focusing on how automated text analysis and related AI technologies can support decision making and daily work of marketers. He is also member of Forbes Hungary's 30 under 30 (, he was the Founder of the year in Hungary in 2017.

At Neticle we have designed automated social media text insight discovery methods to let the machine recognize interesting patterns. We have also put focus on how to tell this to our users so we have created a Natural Language Generation (NLG) solution to generate readable multilang insights automatically. I will let you know how we built this solution and how can you create similar.

Péter Szekeres

@ Neticle

Text Insight Discovery: From NLP to NLG

Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018

Máté Gulyás

Partner and Instructor @ Datapao

Mate is Partner and Instructor at Datapao, a Big Data and Cloud consultancy and training firm. At Datapao Mate helps companies kick off and mature their data analytics infrastructure by giving them Apache Spark, Big Data and Data Analytics training and consultancy. Previously he was Co-Founder and CTO of, an award-winning Budapest based startup.
Mate has experience in Big Data architectures, data analytics pipelines, operation of infrastructures and growing organisations by focusing on culture spanning more than a decade. Mate also teaches Big Data analytics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics . Speaker and organiser of local and international conferences and meetups.

Data-driven solutions are eating up the Industry. We call it Industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution. We are still in the early stages of this significant transformation, but we already see emerging patterns. Which technologies can come out as the winners of the change coming? What tools and technologies should you invest in? Are Kafka, Spark, AWS and cloud solutions the Holy Grail of IoT? Will AI live up to the hype? What are the low-risk, high return strategies in data analytics? We'll try to answer these questions and look into what the future will bring us in data analytics in the industrial revolution.

Máté Gulyás

Partner and Instructor
@ Datapao

Winning strategies and technologies in Industry 4.0 and IoT

Knöbl Karl

Senior Project Manager @ University of Applied Sciences – FH Technikum Wien

DI Karl Knöbl, MSc. is a Senior Project manager at the Institute for Renewable Urban Energy System, University of Applied Sciences FH Technikum Wien. He is Master of Electrical Engineering (TU-Graz) and Renewable Energy Systems (UAS FH Technikum Wien). His occupational career led him also to the field of Information and Communication Technology at Siemens AG, where he conducted numerous international development projects. He designed the first Austrian Smart Grid Lab, located at the ENERGYbase in Vienna, which is base for the Master Study program and key asset for some research projects. Besides national and European research projects, he is currently engaged in the research project “Integrating the Energy System, IES Austria”, where a consortium around the Austrian Technology Platform Smart Grid finds methods for deploying processes to ensure interoperability in the energy sector.

The Austrian research project IES-Austria strives to adapt and implement a vendor-neutral and cooperative method to achieve interoperability of ICT-systems in smart energy systems. It is based on an existing method from ICT in healthcare, where interoperability of systems has long been achieved. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is a global non-profit organisation that engages actors in the health system to achieve interoperability of ICT-systems in healthcare. IHE developed a fair, cooperative and participatory method to engage vendors, manufacturers and users alike. The modular, well-defined process starts with the definition of use cases, followed by cooperatively developing “interoperability profiles” which select, optimise and specify the normalised use of existing technology standards that address the well-defined use cases. These profiles assemble specific “base standards” which together provide complete technical specifications that cover all interoperability issues (e.g. data formats, transport protocols, semantics and security methods).

Karl Knöbl

Senior Project Manager
@ University of Applied Sciences – FH Technikum Wien

Learning from e-Health – Interoperability Process for the Energy System

Ádám Gábor

Head of Advanced Analytics @ IFUA Horváth & Partners Kft.

As a professional expert and project manager of projects at domestic and international companies, he has been working on statistical, econometric and data mining models to solve strategic, sales and operations management problems.
His mission is to spread data-driven decision making, solving strategy, sales and operation management problems with econometric and data mining models. He is specialized in potential based sales planning and forecasting using geodata, loyalty based customer behavior models, demand curve and price elasticity determination, BI consulting.
Since 2006 Gábor is guest lecturer at the Corvinus University of Budapest, he has been teaching regularly on seminars, local and international conferences. He believes that citizen data scientists can leverage the benefits of analytics, and be the accelerators of integrating data innovations, thus cross-disciplinary knowledge development has to be supported in every education channel.
Managing projects in topics of:
Advanced Analytics, Statistical Analysis, Geoinformation Based Sales Analytics and Forecast, CPM Suites, BI consulting, Business Modeling, Planning and Reporting, Management Control, Management Accounting and Cost Calculation, Performance Improvement.

Ádám Gábor

Head of Advanced Analytics
@ IFUA Horváth & Partners Kft.

Levente Havas

Head of Enterprise Analytics Competence Center @ IFUA Horváth & Partners Kft.

15+ years Business Intelligence Expertise in business environment, with a wide range of corporate and enterprise solutions:
data warehouses, data marts, Big Data Framework, dashboarding, visualisation, digital dashboards, mobile BI solutions, advanced analytics,
ETL/ELT reporting (Enterprise Self Service BI - Private Self Service BI - Cloud based reporting - Disclosure management),
Corporate Performance Management (business planning and forecasting, strategic planning and simulation, predictive forecasting, allocating solutions),
Business Process Management (Process modelling, workflow and collaborative solutions & RPA),
Enterprise Project (Portfolio) Management and Project Controlling Solutions.
He has managed projects at more than 50 companies, in different industries.
As a highly professional expert of self service BI, he has held lectures for more than a decade on different Enterprise Analytics topics – at seminars, conferences, university events.

Levente Havas

Head of Enterprise Analytics Competence Center
@ IFUA Horváth & Partners Kft.

Accelerate the Transformation with Advanced Analytics in Pricing

Zoltán Prekopcsák

VP Engineering @ RapidMiner

Zoltan is a Data Scientist and entrepreneur who has spent the past 8 years working at data-driven startups. He is currently leading the data science and analytics efforts at RapidMiner. Previously, he was leading the Engineering organization and been a Product Manager. Prior to RapidMiner, Zoltan was the CEO and Founder of Radoop, a big data analytics company that RapidMiner acquired in 2014. He has experience in data science projects in various industries including telecommunications, financial services, e-commerce, neuroscience, and many more. Previously, he was a Data Scientist at Secret Sauce Partners where he created a patented technology for predicting customer behavior. Zoltan is also a lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, his alma mater, with a focus on big data and data science. He has dozens of publications and he is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Everyone talks about how machine learning will transform business forever and generate massive outcomes. However, it’s surprisingly simple to draw completely wrong conclusions from statistical models, and “correlation does not imply causation” is just the tip of the iceberg. The trend of the democratization of data science further increases the risk for applying models in a wrong way. In this talk, we will discuss capital mistakes as well as small errors that add up to completely ruin the potential positive impact of many data science projects. Attending this talk will hopefully help you to avoid many of those mistakes.

Zoltán Prekopcsák

VP Engineering
@ RapidMiner

How to Ruin Your Business with Machine Learning & Data Science


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Big Data Universe Conference Budapest Akvárium Nextent 17th of May 2018


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